Thursday, August 12, 2010

The First Amendment: Separate Is Not Equal

Dear Rep. Waxman, Sen. Boxer, and Sen Feinstein:

I have followed the Net Neutrality issue for the last couple of years, and I've gone from proud and elated to appalled and furious.  My freedom of speech as a citizen seems up for sale to corporations.

One of the biggest boons to humanity in the last twenty years has been the internet and the rise of the world wide web.  It's injected new life into our ability as citizens of the world to connect and exchange information.  When there were rumblings that the big telecom companies wanted to extract even more profit by creating a faster, parallel internet with corporate gatekeeping of communications, I grew concerned -- but then Obama pledged he was a steadfast champion of Net Neutrality and would make sure the FCC adhered to this principle.

Since then the White House has gone silent and it seems backroom dealmaking is afoot for corporate takeover of the net.  The "proposal" from Google and Verizon is nothing but a sly play to spout principles of Net Neutrality while stripping these same principles from wireless, the unquestioned future of the Internet.

The proper reaction should be an absolute rejection of this nefarious plan and very strong legislation ensuring that all speech can remain equal in the digital world.  The First Amendment has already been assaulted enough with the Citizens United decision, and I'd hate to see more of what I value as a citizen given away to giant corporations.

I will be closely watching your actions on this issue.

Citizen Dylan

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  1. Nice letter, Citizen D! I agree, and I sure hope that we can keep the internet free and open -- a tool and resource for democracy. I hate the idea of big corporations dictating things. Government needs to keep them in check.