Friday, December 10, 2010

Listen to Bernie

Dear Senator:

I'm listening to Senator Bernie Sanders now and greatly impressed with his wisdom and clarity -- even after standing on the Senate floor for over 7 hours now! What an inspiration!

The super rich do not need tax breaks.

We are at war in Afghanistan still and have much rebuilding and expenses still in our war on terror. We are also in the midst of tough economic times with high unemployment.

It is a great atrocity to even consider extending breaks to the super rich when the vast majority of us Americans are struggling, jobless, unable to afford health care, encountering great losses in our home investments, fighting in wars abroad, unable to save for retirement, etc...

We need a funded government in these hard times and the wealthiest amongst us can afford to pay taxes on their wealth.

Can government trim down spending? Sure, but you do ought to do that first and then cut the amount of tax revenue to cover your expenditures. Don't give these ridiculous tax cuts to the ones who won't even notice.

Represent me.