Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Border conflict

Dear Rep. Waxman and Rep. Harman:

I am flattered to find that I'm in the middle of something of a custody battle between you.  I live on the very border of Santa Monica and Los Angeles and find that sometimes I'm told I'm in Rep. Waxman's district (CA-30) and sometimes in Rep. Harman's (CA-36).  Currently both of your websites chart me in Rep. Harman's, but this hasn't always been the case and it still varies in other databases.

I'm personally torn, myself.  On the one hand, my political leanings tend to align more with Rep. Waxman's, and logically I'd guess I'm with him since his district covers all the rest of Santa Monica -- my side of the street, where I actually live and pay taxes.  But on the other, I'd be less likely to be preaching to the choir with Rep. Harman, and so perhaps I would be more useful to her.

I look forward to your resolving this and to your response.

Sincerely (one of) yours,
Citizen Dylan

Update:  A staffer from Waxman's office called me back, and verified that their webpage and that of the House of Representatives mistakenly directs me to Harman's district when I in fact am in Waxman's.  (The Country Registrar site is correct and the last word.)  He said my communication was getting through (I have to fake the zip+4 to do so), because they had many letters in their file from me.  (I have a file!)  And he said he'd tell the right folks.


  1. How nice that you got a response. It must feel good to have some kind of representation in Washington. Unfortunately, my representatives don't speak to my interests one bit.

  2. It was nice. It's still not fixed and I've written to the House site before, but... keep hope alive. And yes, Waxman is generally on my side. Keep fighting the good fight!