Friday, March 17, 2017

Medicare for ALL

Dear Representative Bishop,

You and I have something in common.  I work for the government at Utah State University and have a good benefits package that includes an excellent healthcare plan.  You work for the government too and also have a nice benefits package.  We both rely on taxpayer dollars to provide us with a quality insurance plan that ensures our families have access to quality healthcare services.  We can both see the best doctors and get care at the best hospitals in Utah, and we have prescription drugs available at prices that are affordable, given our income.  Are we more deserving of healthcare than the people we work for?  I don’t think so.

Please DO NOT support the republican plan for repealing the ACA. The replacement is terrible.

Please DO work with colleagues to create a system where everyone in this country can enjoy the health benefits that you and I enjoy.  MEDICARE FOR ALL!  If you do, Republicans win! 

Are we not great enough a nation to have healthy citizens?  It’s time we catch up with other nations (see chart below).  Sick people will not help us build prosperity.  We will lose our economic power if we cannot provide this basic human right. 

Sincerely, Brynja Kohler